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Mirror, Mirror: Tips for Beauty

Tips for BeautyTips for beauty and fashion are a dime a dozen, but advice that really works is rare. We’re here to give you the rare stuff, in a way you can put into practice right away. Our style gurus know that looking good isn’t simply a matter of buying whatever you see on mannequins and magazine covers. And getting beautiful on the outside isn’t about how much money or time you have to spend.

It’s about being informed and sensible about products, trends, and proven standbys for skin, hair, clothing—all the factors that combine to create a great look.

Throughout our site, you’ll find that our professional guides are rife with pennywise, fashion-sensible tips for beauty. We’ll help you look your personal best, and provide tips that go beyond the everyday and expected. Here, you’ll find more than water intake guidance for healthy skin or eye-shadow application techniques for creating smoky eyes. (You’ll also find out whether and when smoky eyes are still a good idea.) Here, you’ll find concrete, practical insights for pulling together the whole package, from the tips of your color-wise pedicured toes to the ends of your deliciously cut hair. We’re here to give you tips for beauty that you can actually use—today!


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