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The Best Hairstyles for Busy Moms

By Style Guide Tammy Gibson

Life as a mom with kids in the home is chaotic but that’s Hair Styles For Women The Best Hairstyles for Busy Momsno reason to not look fabulous every day!  A well cut hairstyle is key to making a busy mom feel great.

A Shoulder-Length Bob: Whether A-line or blunt, a style that hits the shoulders offers a lot of versatility.  Straight, wavy, in a chic up-do or a sleek ponytail, this length can do no wrong.    

Short and Sassy: If you’ve got it, work it! A modern short crop looks amazing on a woman who rocks a “look at me” attitude.  Ask your stylist to demonstrate wash-n-go looks, as well as styles you can create when you have more time or a special event.  Products are your friend!

Long Lock Love: You can be a mom and still have long hair!  Lots of women successfully pull it off!  Learn how to braid in a variety of ways, utilize hair accessories to your advantage and mix up your look frequently so your long hair doesn’t become a boring pile on your head.  Get your hair trimmed often to keep it from looking dry and frizzy!  Lucky you, you can use all the heat styling tools...even hot rollers for gorgeous waves!

Natural Texture: Whatever your cut of choice, work with your natural texture!  It takes a lot of time and energy to straighten (or curl) your hair every day.  Learn to embrace your texture and use it to enhance your beauty, rather than fight it!

A really great cut is one that looks great in its natural state as well as when you spend 30 minutes styling it for a special event.  Opt for a style that is not fussy but is versatile.  Learn to create several looks so when you are in a rush, you can quickly work your magic to achieve something fabulous!  Investing in a great cut will help keep you hair behaving and looking its best.  After all, hair is an accessory that you wear every day- keep it gorgeous!


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