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Fashion and Style: How to Wear A Scarf

A scarf is an economical way to add an instant update to your look. Here are four fashion forward ways to wear a scarf.

Fashion and Style Basics


The European Way –You’ll look like you’ve come off the Parisian runway with this simple to do style.  Fold a scarf in half and wrap it around your neck.  Pull the loose ends through the loop and viola, instant style! 


DIY Infinity – Capture the look of an ultra-modern infinity scarf without having to buy one!  Tie the ends of the scarf together in a simple knot.  Place the looped scarf over your head and wrap.  Be sure to cover the knot with one of the folds of the scarf. 


Neck Wrap  – This trick is perfect for longer, fuller scarves.  Start by placing the scarf around your neck.  Take the left side and wrap it once around the neck.  Do the same with the right side.  The key is making it full at the front of the neck but not too tight.  And, don’t fret if the ends aren’t even…they shouldn’t be!  


Headband – You’ll need a long skinny scarf for this head-turning look. Center the scarf on the top of your hair and pull ends under the hair at the nape of the neck .  Tie the ends into a knot under the hairline and let the loose ends cascade over the shoulders.  You can turn this look on its head by placing the scarf at the nape of the neck and pulling the ends to the top of the head. Twist the ends a few times before pulling them down and tying at the nape of the neck.  This creates a trendy knotted headband. 


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