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Beauty Essentials for Every Trip

Vacations are a magical time full of rest, relaxation, and recreation. However, no matter where you are or how much fun you’re having, foreign locations can sometimes take a toll on your daily beauty routine. We’ve drawn up a list of a few simple beauty essentials that every woman should keep on hand during any trip, to keep that healthy, age-defying, wrinkle-opposing glow.

Hair Care Travel Pack – We all have our favorite styling tools, be it from the expensive salon in the city or the drug store down the road. But dealing with those annoying cords and marked weights can drive even the most organized of travel gurus crazy. Instead, go with a compact version of each product to take care of your hair needs. This Remington travel pack is the perfect size for travel, taking up half the the room in your suitcase as its bigger, heavier counterpart.

Water – It’s not uncommon to become dehydrated during air travel, causing your skin to lose its healthy luster. Always have a bottle of water or a filled nalgene so you can take gulps throughout the day. Vacation is no time for having unhealthy-looking skin!

Sunblock – And lots of it! Nothing protects and preserves the skin’s elasticity like sunblock. Even if you’re not beach-bound, sunscreen is essential in your daily routine if you want to prevent the formation of wrinkles (and that inevitable first-day-of-vacation sun burn!).

Self-Tanner Towelettes – Want the glow without the burn? Don’t worry about the hassle of lugging along your extra large bottle of self-tanner lotion. Try Comodynes Self-Tanning Towelettes for a quick, easy, and beautiful sun-blush.

Travel-Size Shampoo and Conditioner – Those scrappy shampoo and conditioner containers at hotels are not made for specific hair types, and won’t take care of your tresses like your normal products. Find mini bottles of your usual suspects to ensure your hair is well cared for during your vacation.  

Facial Cleanser – Deep clean your facial pores and remove your makeup at the end of every day so your skin has time to breath and become refreshed over night. Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover is a great choice for pre-moistened wipes, leaving your face feeling clean and fresh at the end of each day.


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